Florida Keys Floor Care Services

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If you are looking for professional care and dependable service,
we provide an experienced crew of many years.

We will refinish your floors and perform the regular maintenance at an affordable cost.

Our mobile unit carries all the equipment to perform the required tasks,
including a battery operated auto-scrubber and high-speed polisher.
We even carry the recommended floor cleaner for your daily upkeep.

   You will obtain the maximum results for your floor, whatever type it might be and our Warranty on Labor and Materials will guarantee your satisfaction.

Should you choose to have your floors maintained on a regular schedule,
you will benefit from an extended warranty that will keep the fresh look of the initial process.

We will guarantee that no floor stripping will be required for up to one year.
In many cases, this operation can be carried beyond that specified period.

Upon your request, we will gladly visit your location for a prompt and free estimate.
In no time, we will deliver you a reasonably priced quote to suit your needs and budget.

Our services are based on the goal that you must be satisfied with your investment.

It is with this consideration that we will apply as many coats of high quality floor finish required to guarantee the optimum appearance.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of servicing your needs!

References available upon request.